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The specialist fields of our chartered accountant firm are the following:

Corporate and Financial Counselling


  • Counselling and assistance for balance sheets, financial statements, corporate estimate, economic-financial forecast, re-organisation and development of internal control systems.

  • Assistance in the creation of balance sheets and consolidated balance sheets.

  • Assistance during economic and financial planning, budget and business plans.
  • Estimates and reports of companies and corporate shares.

  • Search for bank credit lines, leasing, factoring, pool factoring.
  • Counselling for extraordinary fiscal operations, take-overs and transfer of companies, mergers, splits, joint-ventures.
  • Assistance during voluntary liquidation procedures.


Charges in Board of Directors, Board of Auditors

Dott. Gianandrea Toffoloni has tremendous experience in this field thanks to posts on the Board of Directors, Auditors, Managing Directors in more than two hundred commercial companies as well as in public and private institutions, including four companies quoted on the stock market, banks, SIM and other financial and credit institutions.
The firm has a privileged business relationship with the most important auditing companies and, in particular, with a small-size auditing company helping the firm in the most complex legal auditing procedures.
Thanks to his forty years of experience in bankruptcy proceedings as Trustee, Temporary Receiver, Technical advisor of the Court, court-appointed liquidator, Dott. Gianandrea Toffoloni deals with:

  • Counselling and assistance for bankruptcy proceedings for companies experiencing financial crisis

  • Creation of corporate restructuring plans

  • Composition with creditors

Tax and fiscal counselling

  • Counselling and assistance for fiscal issues, for the relationship with Administration authorities in the field of direct and indirect tax issues, both on a national and international level.

  • Assistance during tax litigation proceedings.

Corporate and legal area

The firm operates in the corporate field for:

  • The establishment, management and extraordinary operations for individual and capital companies.

  • Counselling and assistance for legal and fiscal issues for non-profit organisations.
  • Legal procedures with particular reference to corporate law, contract law, labour law; to deal with these issues, our firm avails itself of the collaboration of external law firm with considerable experience in these disciplines.

For other specialist aspects, the firm can count on the partnership with important national and international chartered accountant firms, banks and financial institutions.


Trustee and fiduciary area

Dott. Gianandrea Toffoloni is a member and President of the Board of Directors of a trustee company established in 1960 and counting forty members among which Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Notary Public. This company deals with trustee and fiduciary issues.



Studio Toffoloni chartered accountant firm is a member of Eurodefi Professional Club of Tax, Legal & Financial Advisers